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“BSS Ltd” performs all spectrums of services connected with manning the crew members for the vessels of European shipowners. “BSS” Ltd was established in 2018 to provide ship-owners with high quality, cost efficient and personalized crewing services which will support and encourage safe, efficient and low cost ship operation.

Each candidate which is willing to be registered in our data bank should pass confidential auditing in English with representatives of our company.

BSS employs the best seafarers for every level, for every sector and for every specialty, whether the question is of a Master or a Rating or the total crews for heavy lift cargo vessels, container vessel, dry cargo vessel, multi purpose vessel, bulk carrier, sea-river vessel and etc. We guarantee that all candidates are being selected from seafarers who served for reputable ship owners, gained good reputation and obtained good references.

Type of vessels: multi purpose, container vessels, general cargo vessels, sea-river vessels, heavy lift vessels, off-shore vessels, bulk carries. The vessels carry heavy lifts, general cargo, project cargo, containers, timber and all kind of dry cargo

By a combination of the well-trained, skilled, good educated, motivated crew and a healthy atmosphere on ships and on shore, we can provide the very best for our customers.


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“BSS” Company Policy:

BSS Ltd recognizes that the human recourses, both on shore and on board are the key element in a quality and safety operation of vessels and company.

BSS Ltd want to improve continuously both seamen's and agent's performance by motivating the employees on all levels to develop and to perform their duties to the best of their abilities.

BSS Ltd provide a pleasant working environment in which a good relationship with the shore organization / ship owner and seafarer is at the center of our business

Наличием профильного морского образования и профессиональной подготовки

Сертификатами в соответствии с
ПДНВ 95.

Знанием ISM Code and ISPS

Опытом работы в смешанных экипажах.

Рекомендациями с предыдущего места работы.

Соответствующим уровнем английского языка.

Our license

Selection and testing of the seamen's knowledge of English language, professional knowledge and skills of candidates, background verification and reference checking.

Checking of seamen` documents and verification of their legitimacy via State Register of seafarers' Documents of Ukraine.

Preparation of all needed papers for seafarer's transportation and visa arrangement if required in short time.

Flights booking using very competitive airfares for seafarers. Our Company is making travel arrangements for crew members all around the world, from and to any port of any country with possibility to book flights for seafarers tariff of the well known airlines ( Lufthansa, Air France, KLM, British Airways, Swissair and etc).

Assistance in issuance and prolongation of seaman's book and licenses.

English courses for seafarers.

Program for cadets (please click to Cadet Program).

Health & Life insurance for our seafarers (please click on web site:

Free consulting service, registration and employment.

Compensation of all travel expenses of seafarers while joining / disembarking the vessel.

Promotion opportunities.

Wages of seafarers are remitted on regular base (remittance is done during the first week of the each month on bank account of seafarer).


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